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Privacy Policy

Our responsibility to client privacy.

This policy applies to Clairderm Medical Aesthetics and the www.medicalbeautyequipment.com web site.

The Clairderm Medical Aesthetics Commitment To Privacy

The Clairderm Medical Aesthetics Privacy Policy was developed in conjunction with our commitment to provide the best quality products and services to all our clients and partners. This Policy was designed to better assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information provided to us by you and to help you whilst using our site, in making informed decisions about our products and services. This Policy will be assessed from time to time as new technologies, business practices and our clients' needs dictate.

Personal Information Provided By You

During the conduct of business, Clairderm Medical Aesthetics collects information provided by you for the purposes listed in the next section. At no time will we sell, rent, swap or otherwise disclose your personal details to any third party other than our sales agents, subsidiary companies and partners to Clairderm Medical Aesthetics. Your personal details are stored on site on a computer which is not permanently connected to the internet.

Use Of Your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used by Clairderm Medical Aesthetics in the following manners only:

  • To produce invoices, delivery dockets and other stationery items in relation to orders you have placed.
  • To provide you with information or a quote on a product or service you have requested.
  • To provide information pertaining to warranty, maintenance, recalls, safety procedures and product updates.
  • To send marketing material to you about our products and services that we feel you would be interested in.

Credit Card Information

During the purchase of products or services from Clairderm Medical Aesthetics, you may need to provide credit card and account information for us to authorise credit card transactions on your behalf. Information such as Account Name, Credit Card Number, Card Verification Number (CVV), Mailing Address, Business Phone Number and Email Address may be requested during payment. Details pertaining to Credit Card Numbers and CVV numbers will never be divulged to any third party and details are destroyed following each transaction.

We do not encourage clients to send their Credit Card details via email or as mobile phone text messages as these methods are not secure and we cannot ensure that total security has been maintained. We require the credit card to either be presented in person (where this is practicable) or disclosed via telephone conversation with our office.

Your Rights To Your Personal Information

You may, via telephone, email or written request, receive access to personal information that you have provided to Clairderm Medical Aesthetics. You may also request to have your personal information updated or removed at any time by contacting your agent or our head office. We will use your personal information to ascertain that you are in fact the authorised person or company before we modify, remove or disclose any personal information to you.

Contacting Us

Please visit our Contact page for details of our head office. You may contact us via telephone, email or written correspondence.



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