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Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser

  • Diode Laser system
  • Hair Reduction services
  • Multiple pulse options
  • Large spot size
  • Fast repetition rates
  • Contact cooling system
Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser


The Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser uses the 808nm wavelength which is best designed for efficient, fast and effective long term hair reduction treatments.

A high pulse frequency minimizes skin exposure to the laser for minimal damage to normal tissues and maintains a shorter treatment time for the client. Fast, accurate, safe, the Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser represents the very latest in advanced hair reduction technology.


The high power pulse technology in the Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser delivers the laser light in rapid short bursts to reduce the skin's exposure to the laser. This makes for a more comfortable and safer treatment for your customer without sacrificing effectiveness. Multiple pulse options allow you to tailor the treatment to suit your clients comfort and skin type.

Three application modes give even more treatment flexibility. HRS (Hair Removal Shot) mode gives a stronger single shot delivery of laser. HRM (Hair Removal Moving) mode uses higher frequency of light repetition as the handpiece is moved across the skin to perform the treatment. STM (Skin Treatment Moving) mode is similar to HRM mode in that the handpiece is glided along the skin with high frequency light repetition. In this mode the light output is more optimized to assist skin tone and texture improvement.

Technical Feature Overview

  • Manufactured in South Korea
  • 1 year warranty
  • In-clinic training
  • 808nm wavelength specifically targets hair
  • Multiple pulse options for better results
  • Contact cooling system enhances the safety of the epidermis
  • Large spot size 14x14mm for faster treatments
  • Fast repetition rates for shorter treatment times
Laser Type Diode Arrays (Continuous Wave)
Wavelength 808nm
Fluence 1-120 J/cm2
Pulse Duration 1-800 ms
Spot Size 14 x 14mm
Repetition Rate HRS Mode: 1-3 pulse
HRM Mode: up to 15 Hz
STM Mode: up to 10 Hz
Peak Power 600 W
Cooling Contact Cooling System
Display Panel 10.2 inch LCD Touch Screen


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Clearlight LD808 Diode Laser Wavelength

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